Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dragonslayer Junior: Chicken Gun

Another excellent episode from Momentum Studios.



Check out this episode of Dragonslayer Junior. It comes from the excellent Momentum Studios.


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mad At Phone

Sometimes phones annoy me. So we made this video. Directed by MattyO and Written/EDited by Ed.

The images at the beginning include Maxwell Smart from Get Smart (Steve Carrell will be playing that role in the movie), Batman and Robin, President George W. Bush, and a cow.

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Here’s some speculation on three future Pixar movies.


Probably coming in 2011 (in the book, the world ends in 2012).

Happy Feet

I just watched Happy Feet on DVD. Did anybody see it in the theater?

I can see why it did so well in the theater ($384 million, worldwide):

Lots of dancing and fun moments

Great characters

Flawless models/animation/lighting/effects

Strong emotions

Moving story

They take you into very hopeless situations and always bring you out with enough satisfaction

The only negative:

It gets very preachy toward the end (this is a negative for most people but positive for some; definitely negative for me) and pulls you out of its own world into an evil version of our own.

Interesting side notes about the director:

George Miller - Creator and direct of Mad Max and Babe

He directed the Twilight Zone movie along with Steven Spielberg and two other cult director legends: Joe Dante (Gremlins, Small Soldiers) and John Landis (Blues Brothers, American Werewolf in London, Other SNL comedies)

This is his first animation

His next project is the Justice League of America movie

Animated Movies Later This Year

What are your predictions on these coming animated movies? Do you think either of them will be hits and break $100,000?


Bee Movie – Jerry Seinfeld leads with Chris Rock and others. IMDB

- Seinfeld wrote this, produced it, and it has the power of DreamWorks behind it. My early guess is $190 million.

Beowulf – Robert Zemeckis (Polar Express, Back to the Future, Forest Gump, etc.) directs this animation with Angelina Jolie, Anthony Hopkins, etc. IMDB

- I haven’t seen the previews, but I’m predicting at least $120 million. Zemeckis is a hit-maker

- That said, animations for adults have yet to be hits in theaters. If I find out that this is aimed at kids (PG), then my prediction will be at least $170 million.


Enchanted – This really isn’t an animation. This is another Disney attempt at live action silliness. They didn’t do overly well with their last attempt, Underdog (which was originally an animation).

Simpson's Movie

One thing that impressed me was the humor. It was as funny as the best of the cartoon series, and that level of humor was sustained throughout.

Their process became clear when we saw the credits. There were 11 screenwriters and another 4 consultant writers. Basically, they got all the best Simpsons writers into a room and they talked out the movie.

This is how more movies (and TV) should be made. The closest I’ve heard of this process in the past was Emperor’s New Groove, where they had all the cast submit jokes. It shows in the final movie.

Surf's Up

Surf's Up didn't do that well.


Probably mostly because it was released in the same month as Ratatouille.

Fools! They should have released in the fall or winter!

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