Monday, September 28, 2009

"Family Guy" Goes Disney (VIDEO): The Pie Song

Methinks this universe has a little more Warner Bros. influence than Disney. There are a few things that push toward Disney, though, such as Lois in her Snow White clothes and Mr. Herbert as the Queen in witch garb. Good gag where they say no to the witch.

I don't actually understand the part where they beat the salesman.

What's also very interesting is that Fox is clearly spoofing other shows/brands here, including Disney and Robot Chicken. It's interesting because Disney wouldn't want Fox to do this (due to the blood), so they probably didn't get permission. Which means legally Fox would be relying on the parody laws to justify this (which are very gray right now). This is a good case to bring to Fox the next time they accuse of breaking parody laws when we spoof their brands (because they've done it 3 times purposefully and 1 time on accident, so far).




  1. The beating up of Mort is a reference to Walt Disney's anti-Semitism.

  2. Randy,

    I didn't know Walt was anti-semitic. I knew about the anti-communism stuff. And of course he's accused of racial stuff against black people (but it was mostly because he partook in common societal jokes, along with Loony Tunes and everyone else).

    Walt actually had quite a few anti-Nazi films, so I'm surprised that he might be anti-Jew. I'll look into it more. Thanks!

    - TAE

  3. TAE,

    Walt was a serious raging bigot. Blacks and Jews were absolutely forbidden from his employ, and women were likewise frobidden from animation work, relegated to ink-and-paint only.

    Take a look at this:


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