Monday, June 30, 2008

Bugs Bunny - Wascally Wemix

Wascally Wemix. Music by Todd Eaton.

Bugs, Elmer, and friends spliced to some music. Good stuff.


Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tidbits about Pixar

George Lucas sold Pixar to Steve Jobs.

Apparently in the mid 80s Lucas got a divorce and was strapped for cash. He sold Pixar to Jobs for 5 million. Pixar was the section that did all the technology for ILM (and also the animation through Lassetter, which was used to showcase the technology). So Lucas sold the technology, but he only sold a license of it, so that he could keep the technology and continue to build ILM on it. Pixar came with a license of the technology and all the assets. Steve Jobs used Pixar initially to sell hardware and software, but Lassetter’s little side projects soon proved to be the future of Pixar.

One interesting tidbit is that the first planned Pixar movie was “Monkey.” The budget got too high ($50 million back in the mid 80s) and Lucas pulled the plug.

It was also interesting that Lassetter had to be hired as a UI Designer (even though he was hired to make shorts) because Lucas didn’t want animators (he didn’t connect his effects projects with animation yet). Jobs seemingly allowed Lassetter and Pixar to pursue animation because the hardware and software businesses weren’t working. Jobs also almost sold Pixar to Microsoft, but he ended up believing in Toy Story at the last moment and instead sold use of patents to Microsoft, which is what saved Pixar and kept it going financially. Then on to commercials and movies.

Also interestingly, Jeffrey Katzenberg tried to hire Lassetter back to Disney after Lassetter released each of his animated shorts. Lassetter always said no. Eventually Katzenberg gave up and decided instead to offer a movie deal with Pixar, which is what led to Toy Story.

Katzenberg’s leadership in Disney’s early 90s animated film success is fairly evident. It also makes sense why he embraced 3D animation so quickly when he left Disney to form Dreamworks (resulting in Antz (which was the second 3D animated film, after Toy Story), Shrek, Madagascar, etc.).

So who wants to see the Pixar Monkey movie??? =^)

Can we make requests to Lassetter to go back and make this movie? Space Chimps is coming out, but I think the Monkey movie would have been a completely different story.


Saturday, June 28, 2008

Is Pixar doing live action?

Is Pixar combining live action with animation?

If this is true, it’s not surprising. Technically, Pixar came from George Lucas’ Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), and this is the same sort of thing they’re doing with their Star Wars movies. Pixar could do even better. Plus, the action-oriented films starring humans do very poorly in animation (Beowulf, Final Fantasy, Titan AE, Sinbad, etc.).

So Andrew Stanton may be uncovering new territory by making live-action films with an animation twist. The first film may be Princess of Mars (Andrew Stanton). Andrew Stanton is currently running Pixar, and he won an academy award for and had the biggest Pixar success with Finding Nemo (plus his Wall-E this year will surely also exceed expectations).

He would be leaving behind capable directors who will still concentrate on the animations, like Pete Doctor (directed Monster’s Inc., Mike’s New Car, and will direct Up in 2009), Lee Unkrich (co-directed Toy Story 2, Monster’s Inc, Finding Nemo, and will direct Toy Story 3 in 2010), Gary Rydstrom (directed Lifted (short before Ratatouille), and will direct newt in 2011; also won 3 Oscars for sound and 14 nominations), Brenda Chapman (directed Prince of Egypt, and will direct Bear and the Bow in 2011), and Brad Lewis (produced Ratatouille, and will direct Cars 2 in 2012).

From Wikismack:

Rumors began appearing in early 2007 that the Walt Disney Company was in negotiations to acquire the rights to the [John Carter] property for development through Pixar Animation,[2] or that it had already done so.[3]

In what was an April fools joke, Pixar blog Upcoming Pixar broke the news that John Carter of Mars would be Brad Bird's live action feature length debut as director. However the same blog confirmed that the film was to be made by Pixar on May 22, 2007. A month later, however, it was revealed that Brad Bird's first live-action film would be 1906. But it was revealed that Carter will use a combination of animation and live-action and is said to be in theaters in 2012.

On October 2, 2007, the director of John Carter was revealed to be Andrew Stanton and the screenwriter Mark Andrews. Both were visiting Tarzana, California to look into the Edgar Rice Burroughs Archives. [4]

So most of this has been confirmed:

- Pixar is doing the John Carter series
- The first one is probably going to be called Princess of Mars
- It is currently set to be released in theaters in 2012
- They would then continue the series, one film a year (or close to that)
- Andrew Stanton is directing
- Brad Bird is doing a live-action film, 1906, which seems to be a break from Pixar for him

It looks like the April Fools joke confused a lot of people. I think it was too close to the truth, which made it believable. =^)



Friday, June 27, 2008

Siggraph nominated films: 8848, EGO, & Stilt Walkers

Check out these Siggraph nominated films:

8848: Student film from a son to his father

EGO: Internal struggle

Stilt Walkers: Boyhood fantasy; some think it's like Terry Gilliam's work


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Presto animated short before Wall-E

Get ready for some magic to play before Wall-E!!!!

I love how Pixar always includes a short before their films! Of course, they have to show it in a film festival a month or so before it hits theaters (they also do this with shorts that play on DVD releases). That way it qualifies for the Academy Award (because being released in some film festivals qualifies your film as being released in theaters).

You can always go to a Pixar movie and know that you’re going to watch an enjoyable short first. It’s rebuilding some of the magic that Walt Disney achieved in his film shorts in the 30s-50s. A common phrase in those days was, “What, no Mickey Mouse?” in reference to people being disappointed when any movie was released without a Disney cartoon. Of course, there were far less movies being released back then. =^)

Disney has a long way to go just to get people to expect an animated short before their own films (but I believe Lassetter is working on this).

Premiering at Annecy 2008 on June 10, Pixar’s newest short film “Presto” (directed by Doug Sweetland) is in the news with a few promotional images. Read below, and enjoy!

Pixar’s “Presto”



Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Success of Pixar

The Success of Pixar

I think the true success of Pixar lied with John Lassetter. So, technically, it was through Disney in the sense that Disney laid of Lassetter after he worked on a few animations and on the 3D animation in Tron. He then went to Lucas, where they hired him as a "UX Designer" but Edward Catmul (sp?; head of Pixar), truly hired him as an animator to show off their software and hardware.

Another worker at Pixar encouraged Lassetter to turn his animation tests of his 3D lamp into a story and send it on to shows. Lassetter did, and Luxo Jr. was nominated for an Academy Award. So they pumped more into Lassetter's shorts, and he kept going, winning an Academy Award with Tin Toy.

Lassetter and Catmul tried to convince Lucas to make a 3D monkey animation. Lucas said to leave animation to Disney. In the meantime, Katzenberg was head of Disney animation and responsible for putting Disney animation back on the map (he later fell out with Eisner and started DreamWorks, thus giving us Shrek, Madagascar, and more). With every short Lassetter released, Katzenberg offered Lassetter a better job back at Disney. Lassetter refused, Jobs bought Pixar from Lucas, Pixar started making money with commercials, and Lassetter began Toy Story under Jobs (because Lucas wasn't interested).

Finally, rather than offer Lassetter another job, Katzenberg offered Pixar a movie deal... they picked up Toy Story, which was already in production.

So it was actually Lassetter who put Pixar on the map. That's why they made Lassetter CCO (Chief Creative Officer) of Disney when Disney bought Pixar.

Would Pixar have succeeded without Disney? YES!!! They were already getting Academy Award nominations and wins for their shorts. Katzenberg left and started DreamWorks. Three of the most successful animated movies of all time are the three Shrek movies (Shrek 2 is the #1 animated movie). The average DreamWorks animation makes more than the average Disney animation. So, yes, without Disney Pixar would have found another distributor, and their movies would be just as popular.

Fortunately, Katzenberg saw the value of Pixar early on. Did you know that Katzenberg left after Lion King, which is when most people think Disney animated movies started going back downhill?

The first animated movie from Disney under Lassetter's new leadership is the Princess and the Frog, a 2D fairy tale from the team that did Little Mermaid and Aladdin.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Disney Couples - Martina Mcbride - I Love You

Featuring :

Martina Mcbride-
I Love You

Monday, June 23, 2008

Raffitalk: An Interview with Raffi

Raffi 2024, the race begins.

We interviewed Raffi for this video by MattyO.



Sunday, June 22, 2008

I Want To Know What Love Is - Beauty And The Beast

Love (Beauty And The Beast)

Featuring- Foreigner: I Want To Know What Love Is


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Blockbuster Movie (by TheAnimationEmpire)

What's your favorite part?

Email Commercial:

It's been brought to our attention that this video has no meaning. Right. That fact is supposed to make fun of movie trailers that often feel like there's also no meaning to them. The pitch to watch "Email Commercial" represents the actual trailer and purpose of all trailers... which is to go watch something else. =^)



Last year there were movies like Fantastic 4 2 (Rise of the Silver Surfer), Shrek 3, Pirates of the Caribean 3, Spider-man 3, Die Hard 3 (either Die Hard with a Vengeance or Live Free & Die Hard must not count), Ocean's 11 3 (Ocean's 13), and Ratatatouie.

Movies this year include Veggie Tales 2, Harold & Kumar 2, Rambo 4, Indians Jones 4, Adam Sandler 13 (Don't Mess with the Zohan), and Batman 4/6 (The Dark Knight).

This new hit franchise may or may not include actors like Will Smith, Tom Hanks, Bruce Willis, Robin Williams, Heath Ledger, John Candy, Chris Farley, River Phoenix, and Carey Grant.

We don't make corpses into animatronic robots anymore. People got freaked out at Disneyland!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Disney Princesses - Who's that Girl?

Featuring Snow White,Ariel,Belle And More

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Empire Music Showcase: OTizzle - Love Medley

I Can't Take My Eyes Off You (Love Medley: Acoustic Cover)

OTizzle plays guitar and sings this acoustic cover and medley of 5 great songs.

Here's another amazing contributer to the Empire, the star of Bucket Full of Cheese, OTizzle.

Bucket Full of Cheese:

Do you like this love medley?

(1) "L-O-V-E" by Nat King Cole
(2) "I Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" by Franki Valli
(3) "You and Me and All of The People" by Lifehouse
(4) "I'll Be" by Goo Goo Dolls / Edwin McCain
(5) "Wonderwall" by Oasis

Otizzle's channel:

Directed and Camera-ed by MattyO:

Thanks for watching and listening!


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Eric/Ariel True Love (The Little Mermaid)

Eric/Ariel True Love

Featuring- Raven Symone: Some Call It Magic

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Current schedule for animated films

The Players:

- Pixar/Disney – Finding Nemo, Toy Story, Incredibles (

- DreamWorks – Shrek, Madagascar, Kung-Fu Panda (

- Disney – Tarzan, Lilo & Stitch, Chicken Little

- Sony – Open Season, Monster House, Surf’s Up

- Fox – Ice Age, Horton, Robots

- Warner Bros. – Happy Feet, Polar Express, TMNT

- MGM/Weinstein – Hoodwinked, Doogal

- Paramount – Beowulf, Jimmy Neutron, Barnyard

The schedule:

2007 (previous)

- TMNT (3/23/07) – Warner Bros.

- Meet the Robinsons (3/30/07) – Disney

- Shrek the Third (5/18/07) – DreamWorks

- Surf’s Up (6/8/07) – Sony

- Ratatouille (6/29/07) – Pixar/Disney

- The Simpsons Movie (7/27/07) – Fox

- Bee Movie (11/2/07) – DreamWorks

- Beowulf (11/16/07) – Paramount

2008 (previous)

- Horton Hears a Who (3/14/08) – Fox

- Kung Fu Panda (6/6/08) – DreamWorks

2008 (upcoming)

- Wall-E (6/27/08) – Pixar/Disney

- Space Chimps (7/18/08) – Fox

- Star Wars: The Clone Wars (8/15/08) – Warner Bros.

- Igor (9/19/08) – MGM/Weinstein

- Madagascar: The Crate Escape (11/2/08) – DreamWorks

- Bolt (11/26/08) – Disney


- Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (3/29/09) – Sony

- Monsters & Aliens (3/27/09) – DreamWorks

- Up (5/29/09) – Pixar/Disney

- Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (7/1/09) – Fox

- Hotel Transylvania (9/25/09) – Sony

- The Princess and the Frog (Christmas 09) – Disney


- Toy Story 3 (6/18/10) – Pixar/Disney

- How to Train Your Dragon (3/26/10) – DreamWorks

- Shrek Goes Fourth (5/21/10) – DreamWorks

- Master Mind (11/15/10) – DreamWorks

- Rapunzel (Christmas 10) – Disney


- Newt (Summer 11) – Pixar/Disney

- The Bear & the Bow (Christmas 11) – Pixar/Disney


- Cars 2 (Summer 12) – Pixar/Disney

- King of the Elves (Christmas 12) – Disney

It looks like Paramount may have dropped out of the animation race (it probably makes more sense for them to let their DreamWorks acquisition concentrate on that).


Monday, June 16, 2008

Toy Story in 5 Seconds



Saturday, June 14, 2008

tyBit Rap - Other versions

Two other versions of tyBit Rap that we did for tyBit...

This first one was an earlier version:

- Doesn't have the TAE credits.
- Doesn't have the sound bytes in the credits.
- Missing the "Word" image.
- Less refined lip syncing.
- Shorter holds on "LOL Fail" and the Storm Trooper
- Fewer visual studders (a smoother editing style)

This second one is older and also has a few additional differences:

- Looped music in the beginning instead of the "revealing" beats.
- Says "Joseph Hanna" instead of "William Hanna." =^)
- Doesn't include an image of William Hanna.
- Doesn't include "Finish Him" text and audio.

The final version on our channel:



Friday, June 13, 2008

Busted by tyBit!

A video we edited for tyBit:


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Talking Baseballs in The Phone is Ringing (an Empire Short Short)

2 CONTESTS: WIN 1000 or 2000 VIDEO VIEWS!!!

Click "More info" to see the rules and why it's legit (real, not fake)!

You can win for "Most Joke Comments" or "Best Joke Comment!"


Talking Baseballs in The Phone is Ringing

(an Empire Short Short)

Animated & Written by:


There are two contests! First, there's an award of 1,000 views on the video of your choice for the most joke comments! Second, there's an award of 1,000 views on the video of your choice for the best joke comment!

Read the rules below!

This contest ends at the end of Sunday, 6/22/08!


1. Rate this video with 5 stars or favorite the video! This will make you eligible to win.

2. Jokes may be used in a video by us. By submitting a joke via a comment (and it's a joke you wrote yourself), you are giving us permission to use the joke in an animated video.

3. General Contest Rules:
- They don't have to be your own jokes.
- Post a different joke in every comment!
- More than 1 joke in 1 comment counts as only 1 joke!
- 1 joke in more than 1 comment counts as only 1 joke.
- Comments without jokes don't count!
- Jokes that have already been given in a comment don't count!
- Jokes with "curse words" or sexual jokes don't count (determined by our panel)
- Keep posting jokes in separate comments until the end of Sunday, 6/22/08.
- The winners will be announced by the end of 6/29/08.
- There are two winners; one for each contest.
- You can compete in both contests!!! One person can win 2,000 views!
- Each winner will receive 1,000 video views on the video of their choice!

4. Pick a contest and follow the rules...

4a. Most Joke Comments
- The person with the most comments that contain legitimate jokes wins! The jokes don't even have to be funny!

4b. Best Joke Comment
- The person with the best joke in a comment wins!
- To be determined by our panel of judges.

5. How the Joke Comment Contest Ends:
- We will contact you and let you know you won!
- We will announce the winners in the description and on our channel.
- We find out what video you want to receive 1,000 views!
- We will see how many views it has, and then make sure it gets at least 1,000 more!
- We will then play your video on our channel and/or some of our websites.
- You will receive all of your 1,000 views by the end of July 6th.

You can do some research. There are probably thousands of Websites that are filled with millions of jokes. Just Google "jokes."

There are many other comment contests that promise views and even subscribers. There are a few legitimate ways to "receive" views like that. First, they can give you the reward through autoplays (which is how we do it). Second, they can do it through redirects (which could still be considered cheating). Third, they can do it through a pyramid scheme (where they teach you to make the same video and get your views through that video you make; while this may be legit, it's still deceptive). The obviously cheating ways are to use an auto-refresher, a bot, a script, or to basically lie about giving the reward (and not give it). When the reward is much higher than 1,000 views or if the reward involves getting subscribers, it's definitely "cheating" or "lying" because they can only "reward" you with an auto-refresher, bot, script, pyramid scheme, or by lying to you and not rewarding you. The legitimate alternative is for them to "pay" you by asking people to watch/subscribe or to log into your count and then do the work from your account (which might take months, so it's very unlikely). We do not recommend any of these contests that may promote cheating.

Thanks for entering our contest!

May the biggest joker win!!!



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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Talking Muffins (an Empire Short Short)

Talking Muffins (an Empire Short Short)

TheAnimationEmpire teams up with 123GiantPanda to bring you a short animated joke about...


Got any jokes you want animated?

Do you want to animate a joke?

(Note: we're super busy and we might not be able to make an animation of your joke, but, hey, if it makes sense, we might make it, so we gotta ask. Thanks!)

Animated & Written by:

Check out 123GP's version of this animation. The main difference to watch out for is that his version doesn't have the pause before the right muffin says, "What?" Observe:




--Film & Animation--

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

tyBit Rap: Unify with tyBit (by TheAnimationEmpire)

tyBit Rap: Unify with tyBit (by TheAnimationEmpire)

tyBit Rap: Unify with tyBit
tyBit is Better Than PooGull

What's your favorite part?

Vote here:

This is our second music video.
Our first music video was Bucket Full of Cheese:

Producer/Writer/Lyrics: Ed 'word' Price

Director/Editor: MattyO

Music Director/Editor: Ryan Hamann

Music Composition: Ryan, Ed, & MattyO

Camera: MattyO

Animation: Ed & MattyO

Featuring: Ed 'word' Price &
Ryan "Insert Coin(s) to Continue" Hamann


Mike Tyson Will Eat Your Children:

Save the Princess (Zelda Parody):

Fruits VS Bugs Episode 2:

The Play-By-Play (WARNING: SPOILERS!!!)

0:14 - Ed 'word' Price animated this 3D text and wrote this vid.

0:17 - Ryan Hamann (Insert Coin(s) to Continue) is the music director. He's drinking milk. He's best known for his Weird Al-like song parodies:

0:22 - The orange clock appeared in the upper-left corner. It's a hint that this first shot is a parody (Ryan's idea) of the first shot in the movie, "Clockwork Orange," where Alex drinks milk menacingly and the camera slowly zooms out. Check it out:

0:27 - This is stop-motion animation of the phone spinning around Ryan's hand. We had to slowly have him change his facial expression with each movement of the phone in order to get it to look like his face is changing.

0:29 - The idea of the cell phones was in the Narnia Rap (Lazy Sunday), but it's also just a good way to get two people together in a story.

0:35 - These three shots go by quick. We had to stop the zoom, move Ryan, and then resume the zoom at the same rate. That's what gets him to "pop" closer to the camera while it's zooming.

0:37 - More stop-motion jump cuts. We thought the sped-up shot of Ryan wiping his face was hilarious.

0:39 - Anybody who has seen Tax Laugh knows that Ed likes to poke at the camera:

0:43 - Yes, Ed was on the potty.

0:47 - Top left is rinsing the hands. Top right is soap. Bottom left is cleaning the fingernails with a toothbrush. Bottom right is drying the hands.

0:49 - Ed opened the door handle using a towel.

0:50 - Ed's Arnold Swartenegger accent. Check out Ed doing Paul Pineapple in Extra Fruity:

0:52 - Check out the PooGull logo with the seagull. The right button says "I'm Feeling Stupid" instead of "I'm Feeling Lucky." The search results say, "Sorry. We know nothing about Tyler Perry. Is he new?"

0:54 - MattyO pointed out that we rhymed "scary" and "Perry," just like the Narnia Rap did. Unintentional.

0:57 - Doogal is a 3D-animated cartoon from Weinstein Pictures. We had him run by so you could see him and why he's "hairy."

1:06 - "Mothers." Good selection of images by MattyO: Mother Goose, a Mom tattoo, Mother Theresa, and the Fairy Godmother from Walt Disney's Cinderella.

1:14 - Small joke... The interface shown is the video search results for "Fly"

1:27 - Ed has an image of the Osbourne's bobble head doll on his tyVille page!

1:28 - Ed also subscribes to the Dilbert Blog feed.

1:32 - Mr. Deeds was done in 02 by Adam Sandler, which was a remake of the classic Frank Capra film, Mr. Deeds Goes to Town, from 1936, that starred Gary Cooper. The old film is actually hilarious. Checka it out.

1:51 - LOL Fail!

1:54 - Friends!

1:56 - Sink joke!

2:05 - Deb from 04's Napoleon Dynamite.

2:12 - Ultimate Warrior products! We made a video about him:

2:23 - Ryan's glad he's a boy.

2:35 - Johnny Cage from Mortal Kombat! Finish Him!!!

2:50 - Teen Girl Squad by Strong Bad (Homestar Runner).

3:07 - Hanna and Barbera are sorrounded by Yogi Bear, Scooby Doo, Flinstones, Space Ghost, Jetsons, Johnny Quest, etc.

3:17 - An old recording of MattyO, Ed, and others singing the Smurfs song in a car. Inside joke.

3:26 - Hefty's got the guns. (Brainy and Grouchy Smurf are both good.)

3:32 - Jeremy Irons should be Gargamel, Uma Thurman (Kill Bill) could play Smurfette.

4:04 - Luigi bobble head (Mario Bros)

4:14 - Star Wars Storm Trooper


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Monday, June 09, 2008

Who Would Win 10: Indiana Jones VS The Ultimate Warrior

Who Would Win 10: Indiana Jones VS The Ultimate Warrior

TheAnimationEmpire asks you... Who Would Win between the man named after the dog (Indiana Jones; he had fond memories of that dog) and Rainbow Ravager (The Ultimate Warrior himself).

Cast your votes in the video page's comments or with a Response Video. Let's see if you Tubers agree with The Animation Empire Doodz.

To vote:

Directed and edited by MattyO.
Check out MattyO's "Spectrum Song" and "Flowers N Plus" on his channel:

3D animated intro by Ed 'word' Price. 2D animation and effects by MattyO.

Written by Ed 'word' Price with assistance by MattyO. Featured Animation Empire Doodz include: Ed, Justin, Owen, John, and Shawn.

The wrestling at the end is a clip from MattyO's "High School Wrestling." You can watch the full video on MattyO's channel:

We also filmed "An Interview with Raffi" that night. You can watch that video on MattyO's channel:

Thanks! Please subscribe for more!


1 - Punky Brewster VS Pippi Longstocking:
2 - Superman VS Batman:
3 - Superman VS Himself:
4 - Ash - Pokemon VS Ash - Army of Darkness:
5 - Abraham Lincoln VS Ronald Reagan:
6 - Walt Disney VS Bill Gates:
7 - Optimus Prime VS Harry Potter:
8 - Woverine VS Aquaman:
9 - Captain Jack Sparrow VS Captain America:

Thanks for watching!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Rodeo Dough (Krazy Kat) 1931 Columbia Cartoon

Mintz made Krazy Kat into Mickey Mouse. =^)

Sunday, June 01, 2008

garth from waynes world ...talking red ball animation

"an animation project that i made using and a sounds clip of garth from waynes world."

Nice 3D animation test.


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