Tuesday, June 10, 2008

tyBit Rap: Unify with tyBit (by TheAnimationEmpire)

tyBit Rap: Unify with tyBit (by TheAnimationEmpire)

tyBit Rap: Unify with tyBit
tyBit is Better Than PooGull

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This is our second music video.
Our first music video was Bucket Full of Cheese:

Producer/Writer/Lyrics: Ed 'word' Price

Director/Editor: MattyO

Music Director/Editor: Ryan Hamann

Music Composition: Ryan, Ed, & MattyO

Camera: MattyO

Animation: Ed & MattyO

Featuring: Ed 'word' Price &
Ryan "Insert Coin(s) to Continue" Hamann


Mike Tyson Will Eat Your Children:

Save the Princess (Zelda Parody):

Fruits VS Bugs Episode 2:

The Play-By-Play (WARNING: SPOILERS!!!)

0:14 - Ed 'word' Price animated this 3D text and wrote this vid.

0:17 - Ryan Hamann (Insert Coin(s) to Continue) is the music director. He's drinking milk. He's best known for his Weird Al-like song parodies:

0:22 - The orange clock appeared in the upper-left corner. It's a hint that this first shot is a parody (Ryan's idea) of the first shot in the movie, "Clockwork Orange," where Alex drinks milk menacingly and the camera slowly zooms out. Check it out:

0:27 - This is stop-motion animation of the phone spinning around Ryan's hand. We had to slowly have him change his facial expression with each movement of the phone in order to get it to look like his face is changing.

0:29 - The idea of the cell phones was in the Narnia Rap (Lazy Sunday), but it's also just a good way to get two people together in a story.

0:35 - These three shots go by quick. We had to stop the zoom, move Ryan, and then resume the zoom at the same rate. That's what gets him to "pop" closer to the camera while it's zooming.

0:37 - More stop-motion jump cuts. We thought the sped-up shot of Ryan wiping his face was hilarious.

0:39 - Anybody who has seen Tax Laugh knows that Ed likes to poke at the camera:

0:43 - Yes, Ed was on the potty.

0:47 - Top left is rinsing the hands. Top right is soap. Bottom left is cleaning the fingernails with a toothbrush. Bottom right is drying the hands.

0:49 - Ed opened the door handle using a towel.

0:50 - Ed's Arnold Swartenegger accent. Check out Ed doing Paul Pineapple in Extra Fruity:

0:52 - Check out the PooGull logo with the seagull. The right button says "I'm Feeling Stupid" instead of "I'm Feeling Lucky." The search results say, "Sorry. We know nothing about Tyler Perry. Is he new?"

0:54 - MattyO pointed out that we rhymed "scary" and "Perry," just like the Narnia Rap did. Unintentional.

0:57 - Doogal is a 3D-animated cartoon from Weinstein Pictures. We had him run by so you could see him and why he's "hairy."

1:06 - "Mothers." Good selection of images by MattyO: Mother Goose, a Mom tattoo, Mother Theresa, and the Fairy Godmother from Walt Disney's Cinderella.

1:14 - Small joke... The interface shown is the video search results for "Fly"

1:27 - Ed has an image of the Osbourne's bobble head doll on his tyVille page!

1:28 - Ed also subscribes to the Dilbert Blog feed.

1:32 - Mr. Deeds was done in 02 by Adam Sandler, which was a remake of the classic Frank Capra film, Mr. Deeds Goes to Town, from 1936, that starred Gary Cooper. The old film is actually hilarious. Checka it out.

1:51 - LOL Fail!

1:54 - Friends!

1:56 - Sink joke!

2:05 - Deb from 04's Napoleon Dynamite.

2:12 - Ultimate Warrior products! We made a video about him:

2:23 - Ryan's glad he's a boy.

2:35 - Johnny Cage from Mortal Kombat! Finish Him!!!

2:50 - Teen Girl Squad by Strong Bad (Homestar Runner).

3:07 - Hanna and Barbera are sorrounded by Yogi Bear, Scooby Doo, Flinstones, Space Ghost, Jetsons, Johnny Quest, etc.

3:17 - An old recording of MattyO, Ed, and others singing the Smurfs song in a car. Inside joke.

3:26 - Hefty's got the guns. (Brainy and Grouchy Smurf are both good.)

3:32 - Jeremy Irons should be Gargamel, Uma Thurman (Kill Bill) could play Smurfette.

4:04 - Luigi bobble head (Mario Bros)

4:14 - Star Wars Storm Trooper


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