Thursday, June 12, 2008

Talking Baseballs in The Phone is Ringing (an Empire Short Short)

2 CONTESTS: WIN 1000 or 2000 VIDEO VIEWS!!!

Click "More info" to see the rules and why it's legit (real, not fake)!

You can win for "Most Joke Comments" or "Best Joke Comment!"


Talking Baseballs in The Phone is Ringing

(an Empire Short Short)

Animated & Written by:


There are two contests! First, there's an award of 1,000 views on the video of your choice for the most joke comments! Second, there's an award of 1,000 views on the video of your choice for the best joke comment!

Read the rules below!

This contest ends at the end of Sunday, 6/22/08!


1. Rate this video with 5 stars or favorite the video! This will make you eligible to win.

2. Jokes may be used in a video by us. By submitting a joke via a comment (and it's a joke you wrote yourself), you are giving us permission to use the joke in an animated video.

3. General Contest Rules:
- They don't have to be your own jokes.
- Post a different joke in every comment!
- More than 1 joke in 1 comment counts as only 1 joke!
- 1 joke in more than 1 comment counts as only 1 joke.
- Comments without jokes don't count!
- Jokes that have already been given in a comment don't count!
- Jokes with "curse words" or sexual jokes don't count (determined by our panel)
- Keep posting jokes in separate comments until the end of Sunday, 6/22/08.
- The winners will be announced by the end of 6/29/08.
- There are two winners; one for each contest.
- You can compete in both contests!!! One person can win 2,000 views!
- Each winner will receive 1,000 video views on the video of their choice!

4. Pick a contest and follow the rules...

4a. Most Joke Comments
- The person with the most comments that contain legitimate jokes wins! The jokes don't even have to be funny!

4b. Best Joke Comment
- The person with the best joke in a comment wins!
- To be determined by our panel of judges.

5. How the Joke Comment Contest Ends:
- We will contact you and let you know you won!
- We will announce the winners in the description and on our channel.
- We find out what video you want to receive 1,000 views!
- We will see how many views it has, and then make sure it gets at least 1,000 more!
- We will then play your video on our channel and/or some of our websites.
- You will receive all of your 1,000 views by the end of July 6th.

You can do some research. There are probably thousands of Websites that are filled with millions of jokes. Just Google "jokes."

There are many other comment contests that promise views and even subscribers. There are a few legitimate ways to "receive" views like that. First, they can give you the reward through autoplays (which is how we do it). Second, they can do it through redirects (which could still be considered cheating). Third, they can do it through a pyramid scheme (where they teach you to make the same video and get your views through that video you make; while this may be legit, it's still deceptive). The obviously cheating ways are to use an auto-refresher, a bot, a script, or to basically lie about giving the reward (and not give it). When the reward is much higher than 1,000 views or if the reward involves getting subscribers, it's definitely "cheating" or "lying" because they can only "reward" you with an auto-refresher, bot, script, pyramid scheme, or by lying to you and not rewarding you. The legitimate alternative is for them to "pay" you by asking people to watch/subscribe or to log into your count and then do the work from your account (which might take months, so it's very unlikely). We do not recommend any of these contests that may promote cheating.

Thanks for entering our contest!

May the biggest joker win!!!



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