Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Disney Repurposes Animation

This hilarious video shows how Disney has repurposed its animation. Some people have argued that this happened with films after Walt died (or as he was dying), but Disney directors have said in interviews that they repurposed animation throughout the company's history.

It gets really interesting at 1:03 where you see that the cat with flute in Robin Hood is the exact same cat as the one with the trumpet in Aristocats. Of course, we all know that the bears in Jungle Book and Robin Hood are the same. They're the same character design and feature the same voice!

So I think it would be possible to create a video 10 times this length if you wanted to go through all the animations.

It's also interesting to note that Disney did a lot of rotoscoping for the original animations in order to save time (it took a lot longer to get realistic animation without rotoscoping it).



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