Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm a Pervert!

Friend of the empire Super Ed is doing music videos now, and they're hilarious! Check out this one and his others!


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson - Captain Eo part 2 of 2 ( FULL VERSION )

The Full version of this 1986 short film, including the song We Are Here To Change The World


Michael Jackson - Captain Eo part 1 of 2 ( FULL VERSION )

The full version of this 1986 short film, including the song We Here To Change The World



Wednesday, June 17, 2009

WU vs BIGDADDY pivot

We helped Glitch get started with Pivot. This is a good first test!


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pretty Good Friends (Music Video #3)

What's your favorite part?


Main vocals: Rogs (Nick Rogstad)

Backup vocals and guitar: OTizzle (Owen Thompson)

Guy in background: Ed 'word' Price

Shot by: MattyO


This is part 3 in our music video series (not counting the two sweet OTizzle arrangements).

Bucket Full of Cheese (Music Video #1):

Search Rap (Music Video #2):


Oh we're pretty good friends,
It's not like I would loan you money;
pretty good friends,
I don't actually know your last name;
pretty good friends,
Sometimes I'm not laughing with you
pretty good friends,
You smile way too much (x3)

But we're still pretty good friends,
I never really liked your cooking;
pretty good friends,
I threw away that christmas present;
pretty good friends,
You really oughta take that dress back
pretty good friends
You still smile way too much (x3)

Listen girl, I don't exactly remember when we met,
but we've hung out several times, and we've been through a lot together
Like remember that time when you wanted a hug, and I said I wasn't really into hugging, but what I really meant was that I wasn't into hugging YOU.

Girl, we're not just friends, we're not just good friends...
...we're pretty good friends.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

RYAN (Entire Film)

Academy Award winner of 2005. And Weirdtastic!

2005 OSCAR for Best Short Animation

Ryan is based on the life of Ryan Larkin, a Canadian animator who, 30 years ago, produced some of the most influential animated films of his time. In the film, we hear the voices of prominent animators and artists discussing Ryan's work, and from waitresses, mission-house caretakers and homeless people who make up Ryan's life. These voices speak through strange, twisted, and disembodied, computer-generated characters--which combine to reflect the film's creator, Chris Landreth. In the words of Anais Nin, "We don't see things as they are. We see things as we are."

Some strong language. Viewer discretion is advised.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Partly Cloudy ™ Pixar

Should be this year's Oscar winner for animated short.


Monday, June 08, 2009

Sheep Worrier

Another hilarious animation from Craig.


glowing animated flash boxes in colour

Messing about with the glow/opacity elements of flash.


Cool. This could be used in some fantastic ways!



Nice little test from animaxy.


Friday, June 05, 2009

Saturday Morning Watchmen

Classic cartoon intro ripped from an old VHS, enjoy!!

Harry: "I'm kidding, I made it. Please stop messaging me asking if it's real!!"


Strong together, united forever
They're the best of friends

But when troubles about, you'd best watch out
For the Watchmen!

Nite Owl is their leader
And he loves to party down

Rorschach's friends to the animals...

"Yeah, when he's not clowning around"

"I'm nutty!"

Beat up some thugs, say no to drugs
Be in bed by 10

But if troubles about, you'd best watch out
For the Watchmen!

Silk Spectres a sensation
You should really never miss

The Comedian's her biggest fan now...

"If I could only get that kiss!"

Ozy and Bubastis - a couple o'
Crimesolving superstars

Jon can give you cancer
and he'll turn into a car

Strong together, united forever
Come and meet your friends

Have no fear, times up, times here
For the Watchmen!


Thursday, June 04, 2009

Nintendo Wii & Porter's Three Strategies

Nintendo Wii did not come out first in this current console generation. It came out after the Xbox 360, but before the Playstation 3. Because it came out before the Playstation 3, it did have an additional advantage. However, the Wii surpassed the 360's sales even though Xbox 360 was the first mover of the console generation.

Second, Nintendo Wii had price leadership. The system was the least expensive to make and then sold for lowest price. As a result, the system was more accessible to more people. Nintendo has always been the cost leader, and this time that advantage really helped the Wii take off in sales.

Third, Nintendo Wii drove differentiation and market segmentation together simultaneously. They innovated with new controllers that included motion control, the nunchucks, using the remote as a pointer device, a wireless, motioin-control steering wheel, a wireless light gun, and a balance board. They also then used those innovative hardware devices to release innovative supporting games such as Wii Play, Wii Sports, Wii Fit, and Wii Music (among many others). They also released innovative games like Brain Age that actually improve your mental abilities.

Because all these games targeted non-gamers, their advertising also targeted non-gamers and casual gamers. As a result, many people bought the Wii and played it who would have never played it otherwise, including grandmas, young children, and a lot more women.


Of the three strategies (Cost Leadership, Differentiation Strategy, and Segmentation Strategy), which do I think works the best? Ultimately, I agree with all three strategies, so I think if you can combine them then you're pretty much on top. My favorite example is Wii (see more details in my Wii post above). Wii managed to nail cost leadership, differentiation, and segmentation. They have the cheapest system, it is very different from the Xbox 360 and PS3, and they are marketing to new people (adding grandparents, parents, and a lot more women).

That said, I think the most important variable is differentiation. There are shampoos and deoderants that get released where the only difference is the price or the marketing/branding. However, The biggest success can be the differentiation in the product. Wii is more well known for the fact that the motion controls and the games that support them open up new customers and make the fans drool... than they are known for having the cheapest systems or for their commercials and branding.


Monday, June 01, 2009

Up Discussion (Spoilers)

The movie so far has done better than Cars, Ratatouille, and Wall-E did at this point.

It seems odd. It seems like the story was stitched together: “Let’s have an old man who flies his house away. How did he get to want to do that all of a sudden? We’ll give him a rich history and the current motivation that he’s about to lose his house and that the house is his whole life. Good. Now, who are his partners on this road trip? It would be a good contrast to get a kid in there. How do we get the kid in there? Let’s have a boy scout kid who’s trying to help him cross the street, so to speak. The kid’s trying to earn a badge. Now let’s get some weird partners in there. The back story now is that the old man and his late wife wanted to chase after an adventurer. So what are some weird characters the adventurer could have? Well, the adventurer could be chasing a giant monster, no a bird monster! That will be one of the friends. Then let’s also have a dog. The old man needs a dog. It would be funny if the dog could talk. How do we get a talking dog in there? What if the adventurer had an army of dogs, invented dog collars that could make them talk, and one of the members of the army becomes a friend and partner along the quest? That’s it! We’ve got a movie!”

Why is the adventurer an inventor of dog speech technology? Why is the adventurer (Charles Muntz) in such good health (if Carl is supposed to be 78, that would put the adventurer at about 103).

It’s actually slightly realistic because of that stitched-together quality; life never makes a ton of sense, and it kind of gets hashed together as you go. For example, your best friend might be someone you accidentally bumped into at a grocery store (true story that I know of). So in that way, it is more interesting that you’re left with this hodge podge of characters that are all slightly related but not completely. For example, the old man Carl, is an old fan of the adventurer, who is after the bird and employs the dog, and a boy scout is along for the ride. Not too random, but still pretty darn random.

Now contrast that with the more “normal” story. I don’t know what they’d do with the old man, but if you were to flip it and try to think of the proper nemesis to the old adventurer, you wouldn’t think up some old man who used to be a fan, grew up wanting to pursue it, had his wife die, and then escaped in his house only to stumble upon the adventurer. That’s not a compelling nemesis. I’d expect some other counter adventurer who sets out to set the other one (Muntz) right. Sort of a battle between legendary adventurers. You could do a lot more with that, and you wouldn’t feel like your character is always a victim of circumstance, being forced to act upon the randomness that life threw at him.

What do you think? Disagree?

In other words, this is an interesting story and a shoe-in for the Oscar for Animated Film (Pete Doctor lost his last opportunity when Shrek beat out Monster’s Inc.) because the story is off-beat and the emotions are well-crafted, but I think it could have garnered twice the sales if it “sold out” a bit more like Finding Nemo and Incredibles did. Those films matched the story to the environment instead of stitching together a road trip with random characters and odd quests.

But to counter that thought, Up is on its way to becoming Pixar’s #3 animated film (behind Finding Nemo and Incredibles) or #5 if you consider inflation (also behind Toy Story 2 and Monster’s Inc.). So either people like it or they were desperate for a Pixar movie that wasn’t about a car, rat, or robot. One of those. =^)

Still though, I think it would have been more entertaining to me and would have done better if they concentrated on the adventurer story instead of the random circumstances of the old man.


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