Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pretty Good Friends (Music Video #3)

What's your favorite part?


Main vocals: Rogs (Nick Rogstad)

Backup vocals and guitar: OTizzle (Owen Thompson)

Guy in background: Ed 'word' Price

Shot by: MattyO


This is part 3 in our music video series (not counting the two sweet OTizzle arrangements).

Bucket Full of Cheese (Music Video #1):

Search Rap (Music Video #2):


Oh we're pretty good friends,
It's not like I would loan you money;
pretty good friends,
I don't actually know your last name;
pretty good friends,
Sometimes I'm not laughing with you
pretty good friends,
You smile way too much (x3)

But we're still pretty good friends,
I never really liked your cooking;
pretty good friends,
I threw away that christmas present;
pretty good friends,
You really oughta take that dress back
pretty good friends
You still smile way too much (x3)

Listen girl, I don't exactly remember when we met,
but we've hung out several times, and we've been through a lot together
Like remember that time when you wanted a hug, and I said I wasn't really into hugging, but what I really meant was that I wasn't into hugging YOU.

Girl, we're not just friends, we're not just good friends...
...we're pretty good friends.

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