Thursday, June 26, 2008

Presto animated short before Wall-E

Get ready for some magic to play before Wall-E!!!!

I love how Pixar always includes a short before their films! Of course, they have to show it in a film festival a month or so before it hits theaters (they also do this with shorts that play on DVD releases). That way it qualifies for the Academy Award (because being released in some film festivals qualifies your film as being released in theaters).

You can always go to a Pixar movie and know that you’re going to watch an enjoyable short first. It’s rebuilding some of the magic that Walt Disney achieved in his film shorts in the 30s-50s. A common phrase in those days was, “What, no Mickey Mouse?” in reference to people being disappointed when any movie was released without a Disney cartoon. Of course, there were far less movies being released back then. =^)

Disney has a long way to go just to get people to expect an animated short before their own films (but I believe Lassetter is working on this).

Premiering at Annecy 2008 on June 10, Pixar’s newest short film “Presto” (directed by Doug Sweetland) is in the news with a few promotional images. Read below, and enjoy!

Pixar’s “Presto”



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