Saturday, June 14, 2008

tyBit Rap - Other versions

Two other versions of tyBit Rap that we did for tyBit...

This first one was an earlier version:

- Doesn't have the TAE credits.
- Doesn't have the sound bytes in the credits.
- Missing the "Word" image.
- Less refined lip syncing.
- Shorter holds on "LOL Fail" and the Storm Trooper
- Fewer visual studders (a smoother editing style)

This second one is older and also has a few additional differences:

- Looped music in the beginning instead of the "revealing" beats.
- Says "Joseph Hanna" instead of "William Hanna." =^)
- Doesn't include an image of William Hanna.
- Doesn't include "Finish Him" text and audio.

The final version on our channel:



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