Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bucket Full of Cheese - Music Video

If you've got a Bucket Full of Cheese, and you want another one, then come on over and have some fun... with TheAnimationEmpire. Starring O-Tizzle, Ed 'word' Price, written by Ed, and directed by MattyO.

We are cheesey to the core... We filmed this in the U District of Seattle. This is our lame attempt at our own music video like Andy Samberg's Saturday Night Live - Digital Short, Lazy Sunday (the Narnia rap). Or like Young Chuck Norris or the SNL video Andy did with Justin Timberlake - Special Gift in a Box.

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Do you like Andy Samberg from Saturday Night Live? We blog about him several times a week:http://www.andysamberg.blogspot.com

Visit The Animation Empire for all of our videos and websites: http://www.theanimationempire.com/

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