Friday, September 19, 2008

Robert Zemeckis to direct 3D animation: Mars Needs Moms

Mars Needs Moms

Berkeley Breathed revealed that Back to the Future director Robert Zemeckis is attached to direct an adaptation of his latest book.

“Robert Zemeckis is doing the movie version of Mars Needs Moms! They’re working on the script now,” Breathed revealed.

Jim Hill speculates that this could be one of the very first projects to be produced by Disney’s new ImageMovers Digital unit.

Here is the book description for Mars Needs Moms!:

Milo doesn’t get it: What’s the big deal about moms? They’re just slavedriving broccoli bullies. Yet they are worshipped the world over! Perhaps even the galaxy over-because here come Martians and they’re after one thing only: moms. Milo’s mom in particular. Who better to drive them to soccer practice and to pizza parties? That’s quite a long way to come for a mom-could it be that Milo has been overlooking something special?

From Pulitzer Prize winning comic strip creator of Bloom County and bestselling author Berkeley Breathed comes a funny, poignant book about how the unique love that binds our families can be overlooked in the rush and tumble of everyday lives . . . especially those of disgruntled little boys.



Now what's interesting about "Mars Needs Moms !" is that this Breathed book was also optioned by the Mouse. Which means that the movie version of this children's story could be one of the very first projects to be produced by Disney's new ImageMovers Digital unit. You know? That state-of-the-art performance capture studio that Mickey's in the process of setting up for Zemeckis. Which would then be housed in an old airplane hanger on what used to be the Hamilton Air Force Base in Novato, CA.



Good for Berkely that he's branching out and getting his characters into animations. I also heard he was trying to get an Opus movie made, but that appears to have failed.

Also, I think Zemeckis' Christmas Carol will be the first film from Disney's new Image Movers studio. So this looks like the second project.


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