Saturday, January 10, 2009

What film will win the Academy Award for Best Animated Film of 2008?

I think we’re going to have quite a showdown for best animated film of this year: Wall-E, Kung Fu Panda, Bolt, Tale of Despereaux, and Horton Hears a Who.
Wildcards “$9.99” and “Waltz with Bashir” join the fray.

Here are some of this year’s Annie Award nominations…

Directing in an Animated Feature Production


· $9.99 (2008) - Tatia Rosenthal
· Kung Fu Panda (2008) - Mark Osborne; John Stevenson
· Tale of Despereaux, The (2008) - Robert Stevenhagen; Sam Fell
· Vals Im Bashir (2008) - Ari Folman
· WALL·E (2008) - Andrew Stanton

Best Animated Feature


· $9.99 (2008) - Sherman Pictures/Lama Films
· Bolt (2008) - Walt Disney Animation Studios
· Kung Fu Panda (2008) - DreamWorks Animation
· Vals Im Bashir (2008) - Sony Pictures Classics; Bridgit Folman; Les Films d'Ici; Razor Films
· WALL·E (2008) - Pixar Animation Studios

Apparently, Bolt was really good, but it had poor direction? Hmm. =^)

Which movie do you think will take it?

I think it will go to Wall-E, with Kung Fu Panda giving it a solid run.

The two wildcards also look promising, so we could have an upset. Although $9.99 is really artsy and amazing, you just can’t get emotion from stop motion. It looks too fake. The attempts just make me laugh. =^)

If Wall-E takes it, that will be the second Academy Award for Andrew Stanton. He currently has one win (directing Finding Nemo) and three nominations total ( That would tie Stanton with Brad Bird and John Lasseter for most Pixar Academy Award wins (2 each).

The other possibilities are: Madagascar 2, Star Wars: Clone Wars, Space Chimps, Igor, Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything, Delgo, Roadside Romeo, and Fly Me to the Moon.

I think $9.99 and Vals Im Bashir are the “wild cards.”

“Waltz with Bashir” is mostly Israeli and looks like they took live-action video, filtered the backgrounds to look “cartoony,” and rotoscoped over the humans (similar to Scanner Darkly) and added some original animation as well:

$9.99 is an artsy, Australian, stop-motion:




  1. WALL-E will win without much of a fight. There might be a few hold-outs for Waltz with Bashir in The Academy, and *maybe* there may be one or two of those crazies who thought Kung Fu Panda was better simply because it was funnier (or whatever their crazy reasoning is), but no way will those few beat out the majority.

  2. Waltz wasn't even nominated! Just Bolt, Kung Fu, and Wall-E.


    - TAE


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