Tuesday, March 03, 2009

vehicles to publically transfer information and entertainment

We’re constantly inventing new vehicles to publically transfer information and entertainment, yet the old vehicles remain as a value. Sure, they become less popular and the industries shrink down in size, but they stop shrinking and remain at a sustainable level as new vehicles continue to be created and formed.

For example, here are some of those vehicles used to publically transfer information and entertainment we’ve had in the past that still exist today:

• Books
• Newspapers
• Magazines
• Theatrical Plays/Musicals
• Theatrical Films
• Radio
• Phones
• TV
• Albums (CD, Record, 8-track, etc.)
• Arcade Games
• Home Videogames
• Home Videos (VHS, DVD, Blu-ray, Betamax)
• Web Sites (text, images, videos, etc.)
• Forums
• E-mail
• Blogging
• Vlogging

I mostly find it interesting because there are people out there who do use all of these “vehicles” still, even though they all overlap now.

Those are technologies/inventions created by people to solve the problem of communication. The point is that new ones are added, but the old ones don’t go away. In other words, newspapers might cut back, but they won’t go away altogether. The industry has evolved into getting more money from ads than subscriptions (they practically give away the papers now).

I believe touch computing could harness a few of these vehicles and help blur the lines of communicating information by teaming with existing technology to transfer written, audio, and video-based information.


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