Friday, September 10, 2010

Pepsi VS Coke - Battle of the Century (collab with MashBrothers)

Check out our latest animation...

From the same animator as Talking Muffins and The Phone is Ringing!

Animated by Adam from MashBrothers. Go subscribe:

And check out their hilarious Sleep-o-matic commercial! It's as hilarious as a Smosh commercial parody (well more so):

This is our 7th animation from Adam...

1. Talking Muffins:

2. The Phone is Ringing:

3. An Elephant and Darth Vader

4. Breaking News - Jello Jumper:

5. The Carrot and the Pea:

6. T-Time with tED (select animations):

7. Pepsi VS Coke (this one)



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