Saturday, August 20, 2011

Miggie Mouse Presents THE VAULT (with SteamBoot Billy)

Check out our new Disney parody! It parodies Disney's animal violence (Steamboat Willie had a lot), and it parodies how Eisner fired Roy Disney (and Roy fought back). Leave a comment and... Enjoy!

Oh the sarcasm abounds as we look tongue in cheek at the Disney corporation.

Animation and Music by Joseph Morabito:

Produced and Written by Ed 'word' Price

Brock Baker (McGoiter) - Steamboot Billy
Vernon Dew - Miggie Mouse
Robbie Daymond - Narrator and Vommit Duck
Dave Stuchkus - Parrot

Specifically, this addresses:

- Disney animations used to contain a LOT of animal abuse as a source of humor. This includes their flaship animation (the first hit that Walt had), Steamboat Willie (which was actually a spoof of Steamboat Bill Jr, a popular Buster Keaton movie that was released 2 months before Walt worked on the animation). Steamboat Willie (like many of Walt's shorts) contained a whole LOT of animal abuse!

- Roy Disney Jr. (Walt's nephew) was fired from the Disney board by Michael Eisner (Eisner fired several people who challenged his ways)

- Roy then launched a huge "Save Disney" campaign to the shareholders, which resulted in (1) Eisner getting transitioned out (he was sort of fired, but he made money off of it), (2) Bob Iger getting hired as the new CEO (he's done an amazing job), (3) Disney acquiring Pixar, and of course, (4) Roy getting rehired onto the Disney Board. Who says the good guys can't sometimes win?

This is our fourth animation with Joseph. Joseph also collaborated with the Empire on the following shorts:

- The Dating Game
- Ducks Playing Duck Hunt
- Farmville Parody

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