Thursday, December 13, 2007

Pixar's BuyNLarge promotion for Wall-E

To promote their 2008 movie, Wall-E, Disney and Pixar made this fake commercial for BuyNLarge:

You'll also notice that they made this website:

It mostly takes itself very serious, unless you venture into their World News and Entertainment sections of the massive site:

They built the whole thing in Flash, which is proof that they don't plan on adding any content. Because it is in Flash, there is no direct linking to the web page. However, that didn't stop us:

A 4D film?

But how do people feel about the experience? When will it be finished?

Pixar is apparently making fun of how long their films take... or at least their PR company is. =^)

See if you can find where they refer to their news correspondent, Mr. Chuckles. =^)

I wish somebody would make a musical about our annual report. =^(


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