Thursday, December 06, 2007

Question: What font did you use to make your Mystery Guitar Man MGM logo?

Question for the Emperor: What font did you use to make your Mystery Guitar Man MGM logo?

We had to open Photoshop to answer that!

MGMonTheNet - Bottom

Times New Roman (bevel, emboss, and gradient to get it to fade out) - The bevel and emboss give it the 3D look. We had to scale the lettering and then give it a horizontal and vertical scale of 120% to get it the precise size and plumpness. Then the gradient fades the color from the gold down to the black so that it fades into the background.

Trade Joe - Sides

Cambria (85% horizontal scale) - This squished the sides in of the lettering to make it appear taller and more elegant.

You Suck Go Die - In the ribbon

Times New Roman (stroke to outline the edges) - You can't see the outline around the edges of the letter, because we made it a similar color as the lettering, but darker. This helps define the lettering a lot, even though you can't see it.

Mystery Guitar Man - The top MGM Logo

Hahaha!!! We couldn't find one! We even downloaded an MGM font and it wasn't close enough! So... We dissected the existing letters and put them together again. We even created new letters using parts of the actual letters! Then we had to recolor them to make them match! Isn't animation wonderful???

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- The Emperor


PS: This question comes from Tommy over at filburt50. He posted the question as a comment to our video on YouTube.

Check out Tommy's channel. It's a museum for studio logos (so this question makes a lot of sense that it is coming from him):

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