Friday, April 11, 2008

Question: What is a YouTube Partner and how do subscribers help you become a partner?

Question for the Emperor: What is a YouTube Partner?

A partner is someone selected by YouTube to be given tons of tiny priviledges that add up to coolness. For example, revenue sharing on ads (partners have more ads around their vids), autoplay on their channel, banners, and smaller features.

Question for the Emperor: How do subscribers help you to become a Partner?

Well, they subscribe and they watch your videos. The requirements include regularly making videos where thousands of people watch them. It's pretty vague, but basically you just build a case for having a strong, active audience that already goes to your channel. Plus, you won't get selected if you are just showing copyrighted images, music, clips that aren't yours, or clips of videogames. You've got to generate original content pretty regularly (like at least two videos a month).

Hope this helps! The only vid we got featured was Fruits VS Bugs:

Check out the sequel if you haven't:

- The Emperor

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