Sunday, April 27, 2008

YouTube Marketing Tips 12 - The title is super important

Check out this video from Flaming Tree. It got over 12,000 views in 4 days. Now, they aren't popular enough for that to normally happen.

This was titled: "monster in my closet"

The icon is of a guy about to beat on a monster. I don't think that you can get that from the icon, nor is it super interesting...

The conclusion is that I think they managed to make this video slightly viral just by the title. =^)

You can often tell when it isn't rated very well (only two stars). That means it's being passed on due to the snowball effect rather than word of mouth. People aren't watching because it's "good" (being rated well or talked about), so that means they are watching just based on the image, title, and the fact that other people are already watching it.

The viral effect is amazing, isn't it?


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