Thursday, July 17, 2008

Will Andrew Stanton win an Academy Award for Wall-E?

I knew Wall-E would deal with a super-serious theme, because that’s exactly what Finding Nemo dealt with (the death of a mother and then the relationship between a father and son). Andrew Stanton first thought of Finding Nemo when he was in a park and he panicked because he couldn’t find his son. That was the birth of Finding Nemo.

It’s funny that it’s so different from Finding Nemo, because Wall-E was written and directed by the same person who did Finding Nemo: Andrew Stanton. He was also left behind by Lassetter to run Pixar (Lassetter is now running all of Disney animation and the theme parks as the Disney CCO, Chief Creative Officer).

So it looks like a #2 Academy Award for Best Animated Film will go to Stanton. That will put him up square with Brad Bird, who managed to squeak in Ratatouille when he replaced Jan Pinkava. So Brad Bird has two Academy Awards for Best Animated Film (Ratatouille and Incredibles), and now, I suspect, Andrew Stanton will have two (Finding Nemo and Wall-E). John Lassetter has one nomination (Cars) and an honorary award (Toy Story), which is kind of like what they did for Walt Disney on Snow White (so that’s an honor to have that similarity).

If anybody was going to release an animated film in the fall that they wanted to win the Academy Award for Animated Film, then they should consider holding off until next year. =^)



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