Friday, July 25, 2008

Xbox 360 E3 Sales Announcements

The E3 announcement of Xbox 360 having more 3rd party sales is silly. Wii has more game sales overall, and a lot of their sales are 1st and 2nd party, which puts more dollars per sale in their pocket. They are also getting more dollars per sale for every console they sell than Xbox is, and they are selling a lot more than Xbox is.

So while it’s true that we have more 3rd party sales, we don’t have more overall sales, and we don’t have the most profitable business model by far. It just means the Xbox 360 is the best system for distributing money across many companies rather than padding our own pockets. Seems like a silly thing to advertise.

I also noticed that Xbox announced they have more North American hardware sales than Wii does... exactly three days before it was no longer true and Nintendo announced the same thing. =^)


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