Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Epic Math Rap Battle (Vote for your favorite Math Rap!)

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Which is your favorite math rap?
And what's your favorite part of this video?

Notorious AB, Showtime, KBB, and BG For Real kick out the raps (produced by Ed 'word' Price and AB). It's up to you to decide which one's the best.

AB's channel:

Longer version (9:32):


Bros Rule - Prom Night:


1. Bucket Full of Cheese:
By Otizzle & Ed 'word' Price

2. Search Rap:
By Ed 'word' Price & Insert Coin

3. Otizzle 1 - Love Medley:

4. Otizzle 2 - Family Guy Theme:


1. Math Rap Battle Intro
By Showtime

Our vision's that you're wishin
To listen to what we're spittin
So no skippin, or hissin,
Or dissin what we're dishin,
Cuz our mission is fishin
For errors in addition and division
In order to fix em
So the answer won't be missin
And now we got you twitchin and itchin
To hear what we been mixin in the kitchen
So let's switch it without intermission
Cuz time is tickin

2. The Powers Rule Rap
By Showtime

We don't want our mad tunes
To make you go 'boo'
So we're coming with some soul
Like Shaquille O'neal's shoe
But you know this isn't Algebra 2
It's Calculus hour
So let's switch it from quadratic
To a rule that has power
It's called the Power Rule
No it might not sound cool
But don't be fooled
Cuz it's the best like Liberty High School
And wait till the end to clap for me
Or laugh at me
So you can listen as I spit some math
Like Miss Hafferty
It's sad to see
That math makes some bewilder
But with the Power Rule
Homework goes quick, like silver
F of X equals X to the N
Then F prime of X is X to the N minus 1
The N must be a constant
Or the formula's nonsense
You see it's easy
It's really all there is
And we're not playing tricks
Because Trix are for kids
So remember F prime of X goes like this
It's N X to the N minus 1
This rule is easy and fun
It's N X to the N minus 1
I'm out of time
Oh shoot I gotta run
But before I go, it's N X to the N minus 1
Well that's the end of the show
So we're all gunna dash
But we hope it was hot
Like a menopause flash

3. Quadratic Formula Love Ballad
By KBB (not a rap song)

I once fell in love
With a certain formula
Her name was Quadratic
We were automatic

4. The Quotient Formula Rap (Hip-Pop)
By Notorious AB & BG For Real

I was sittin there taking notes in class
For a course known none other than Math
I wrote down somethin that Delistra said
Then a little ditty went a runnin through my head
It was the
Quotient Formula
I don't know quite how they found it
But hey, let me tell you how this went.
It went...
CHORUS: Down D Up (Down D Up)
Minus Up D Down (Down town)
And you put it all over Down Down
(Chorus X 2)
How do teachers come up with this stuff?
This curiculum, it sure is tough
Calculus, I've had enough
(Chorus X 3)

5. Mean Value Theory Rap
By Showtime & KBB

Now I know I want to make something you can feel
So let me keep it short and sweet
Like Rebecca Teel
Some of your math skills are weak
Like Achilles' heel
But if you listen they will be silky smooth
Like an eel
Make sure that you pay attention and hear me
Loud and clearly
Because I'm going to talk about the Mean Value Theory
Or Theorem like the book likes to call it
We got 2 necessary conditions
So let's get on it
F must have a derivative on the open interval
And it must be continuous on the interval
Close C C
Continuous close
And that's how it goes
Stay on your toes
Cuz these conditions are the prequel
But if you got em
This is what F prime of C equals
It's F of B minus F of A over B minus A
Remember this throughout your day
I said it's F of B minus F of A over B minus A
This formula's hot like the month of May
Or a sun ray
It's F of B minus F of A over B minus A
And before I send you on your way
It's F of B minus F of A over B minus A
Now that you know the formula
Study it well
And you'll be good to go
Like the commercials from Taco Bell



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