Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pixar's Up - New longer trailer that shows the house taking off

1:05 - Is that a hidden Mickey with the girl's hair or is it just a coincidence? =^)You've got to wonder if Pixar is throwing in Disney references along with all their usual Pixar references, now that Disney owns Pixar. They did that with their first movie, Toy Story, when Andy was listening to Lion King music in the car.

Also, it's obvious that Lasseter is trying to get Pixar to help Disney, because they released a Cars short this week and put it before Bolt to try to get more people to go see Bolt. They also are advertising that the short is before the movie now (I haven't heard of the shorts being advertised more than the movies since Disney's popular Mickey Mouse and Silly Symphony shorts).

1:07 - And there's the first true Pixar reference, the Luxo Jr. ball! The light shines on it just long enough for you to recongnize it. You can also find that ball pattern in Red's Dream (circus floor), Toy Story (Buzz bounces off it), Incredibles (Jak Jak plays with it), Monster's Inc (in Boo's room), and more!

Also, it's hard not to notice that the first 23 seconds (0:10-0:33) are devoted to the previous Pixar films. Basically, Pixar's saying, "We know this isn't a sequel or a platform for a popular comedian (ala DreamWorks animations), but you gotta trust us. We're Pixar."

It's interesting, because Disney had to do a little of that in the late 20s as well. His Mickey Mouse cartoons were selling very well, but his Silly Symphony cartoons weren't doing quite as well at first. So he put "Mickey Mouse Presents a Walt Disney Silly Symphony" as the title. Case in point:

The first Up teaser trailer just showed balloons and the house flying by:

Not super funny, but it helps build the concept of the movie.

I'm hoping that the movie establishes these two characters more before they take off. I'm curious what adventures they will stumble upon.



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