Sunday, November 29, 2009

Caveat Cartoon Sketches Part 2

The sketches continue as we work with a student animator, Matt, from Caveat Cartoons.

Again, we won't give away the names or story yet, but we want you to enjoy the sketches.

The notes in red are Matt's notes to himself as he teaches himself how to draw and animate. Being able to teach yourself is actually the most important skill of animation.

For example of the imporance of an animator being able to teach himself/herself, Disney and DreamWorks switched from 2D to 3D animation, and those who embraced it had a great future, and those who did not embrace it have not faired so well.

This gap of animators who did not ramp up quickly also left opportunities for brand-new visionary hot shots (like the directors of Bolt) to come in as animators without as much industry experience and go straight to the top.

(It doesn't seem like Bolt was very visionary, but that's because they made amazing 3D animated shorts in school and then directed mroe amazing shorts for Disney and then, as a result, they were brought on to replace the director of Bolt and to clean it up. So they were successful in saving Bolt, and I'm sure once they get a chance to make their own movies from the ground up, that's when we'll see their true genius.)

So anyway, go check out Matt's other illustrations in this round, and follow him as he journals about what he learns through this process:




  1. Great sketches
    I like Cartoon Design


  2. really nice sketches. this reminds me of my time in school, when I got bored I used to make drawings and sketches on my note book and I enjoyed it!


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