Tuesday, November 03, 2009

YouTube Tips - Partner Q&A

Here are some partner questions coming from Bizzarrely Funny:


Q1 How long did it take you to become a partner?

A little less than a year with about 6 months of doing nothing in between bursts of posting vids. How's that for not answering a question? =^)

So I guess about 6 months of dedicated time in trying to build an audience. And stuff.

Q2 - How many subbers did you have?

I forget. Probably around 1300 subbers. That was in like early 2008.

However, subbers aren't that important. A few hundred are good. Anything over is just a bonus. What they want to see is that most of your vids have at least a thousand views (or lots of vids with over 1,000 views, even if it isn't most). That's really what they're looking for. Plus that you can justify that you have something to offer to a market of viewers. Also how you integrate into the YT social scene. All that would go in your essay when you apply. We applied and got accepted on our first try.

Q3 - Did becoming a partner increase your viewership?

I think. A little. Yeah. Depends on how social you are I guess. I'm pretty social, so that helps. If people don't go to your channel, the autoplay won't help much. [UPDATE: Autoplay now works on all channels, so the biggest reason to be a Partner no longer exists. Getting money from ads is also a big reason, but if you don't get a ton of views, you wouldn't get any money from ads anyway.]

Plus you don't make much money off of it unless you're super popular (100K plus views on most of your vids).

Autoplay is nice. Banners and other little channel things are nice. That's about it. Plus it's cool to say, "I'm a YouTube partner." =^)

It's not huge, but it is nice. On the negative side, it is a little painful to do and it takes a long time to process (like when you turn in your application, you pretty much need to wait 3 months to hear back; when you get accepted, you need to wait like a month or so for it to kick in: yes, it's that slow).




  1. Thanks a lot for your help! You're really funny, and smart and I think you should do a little standup! Appreciate all of the answers to those questions, people wonder that one a lot. =) nice blog

  2. Thanks Andakinas!

    Yeah, we have a standup vid on our channel called "Ed Price Standup" - And then some other vids like that are "Email Commercial" and "Tax Laugh Story" - Plus our "Following Directions" vlogs are like that too. I've got other standup bits I haven't filmed yet, but we'll integrate those in future videos.

    Regarding standup... you have to pick one thing in life (at a time) to pursue on the side, and right now we're aiming to get an animation distributed. That's our one thing. Otherwise, you do too much and don't do one thing well (for example, standup takes a ton of time and effort to get into the better clubs and move up the ladder).

    Also, if you click our "YouTube Tips" category then you'll find a LOT more details about partnering (plus a bunch of other marketing tricks). I just read through them all again and was like, "Wow. I'm really smart." =^)

    Thanks for the compliments!

    - TAE


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