Saturday, May 15, 2010

Agents of the Spirit packaging copy - by Ed Price, Content Writer

Agents of the Spirit
Moral Productions Direct-to Video 3D Animation
(released in stores throughout the north west)

“Package Content” by Ed Price


Since the division of all that was good and the manifestation of evil, the Agents of the Spirit have engaged in a continuous battle over the influence of boys and girls, and their free will. This age old war is currently being fought between fruits and bugs…

To win this war, these Agents have created a television cartoon known as “Agents of the Spirit.” That cartoon has started a marketing phenomenon, where the humans buy “Agents of the Spirit” videos, videogames, action figures, posters, bed sheets, and candy dispensers. Little do the humans know that the Agents of the Spirit actually exist, and they created the cartoon and merchandise to protect the secret of their existence and to fund their covert operations!

The human Bobby Nelson has been tempted to steal. It’s up the heroic Agents of the Spirit to thwart the sinister schemes of Big Bug and his menacing minions. Will the Influence Bug and the Trooper Bugs be able to infiltrate the Nelson home and influence Bobby to steal while he sleeps, or will Agent Brett Banana and his team of secret agents stop the bugs from completing their corrupting concoctions? Find out in this exciting thrill-ride featuring a plethora of silliness, action, and hi-tech gadgetry that will keep you coming back for more.


About the author: Ed 'word' Price is a Content Writer and Game Writer. His writing experience includes localization writing for Dragon Warrior 7 for Square Enix, Editing for Nintendo games (Pikmin, New Tetris, Starcraft 64, and Loderunner 3D), 24 Microsoft Surface games, and 30+ animations and videos. Ed has a Masters degree in Technology Management and 5 interactive design patents with Microsoft.

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