Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More about Miley Cyrus leaving Disney

Anony had a great message from a perspective that helps shine some light on what Miley and/or her fans might feel about her leaving Disney:

It's time for Miley Cyrus to part company with Dinsey. While she's taking a break from her music, she's got movies to film. When she resumes her music, we'll be talking about Miley as a country singer- she's done with pop. Disney does have a bad reputation and the infamous propensity of mistreating its stars, and Miley refuses to have anything further to do with that. I could see her signing with Disney's arch-rival, Warner Bros- that'll get Disney's attention, all right. Could anyone possibly see her doing a commercial promo on Cartoon Network? I do, and she'll be good at that. "Hannah Montana" will be no more and movies and her return to country music await Miley Cyrus- I wish her all the best.

I think Anony sums it up well and sheds light on the perspective Miley and other Disney stars feel... they aren't getting their due.

Miley Cyrus definitely has a music career (and I think she'll continue to rock both pop and country for the rest of her life; or at least she can if she wants), but I think she's divorcing Disney too soon. The attitude of "you treat me bad and so I'll teach you" is a poor attitude, and so far it's mostly ruined stars like Hilary and Haley Duff.

Miley chose not to graduate into doing a movie deal with Disney, something that didn't work well for Hilary Duff. However, Lindsey Lohan, Anne Hathaway, and Shia Labeouf are examples of actors who did well starring in Disney films before getting out there in dramas and blockbusters.

The fact is that Miley has a huge fan base watching her on Disney. If she walks away from that fan base, most of the fans might move on to Wizards and other shows. Will her audience graduate to watch her in adult, independent films?

So far, the answer is "Yes" with The Last Song (since it's hard to tell from Bolt and her Hanna Montanna films if it was the TV show fan base). The romantic drama (The Last Song) made $84 million and cost only $20 million to make. So far so good. The movie has given her another 4 projects. So that's four more chances to get another hit.


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