Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Why is Sorcerer's Apprentice doing so horribly?

Why? Why? WHYYYY????

It looked so good, and yet here it is...

Domestic Total as of Jul. 25, 2010: $42,609,020

Well, is it doing better overseas? No, it's doing worse...

Foreign: $25,300,000

Well, how much did it cost? Much more than it's making...

Production Budget: $150 million

So with Prince of Persia hitting below expectations (I think it's because the movie had an Orlando Bloom--Jake Gyllenhaal--but no Jack Sparrow), and Sorcerer's Apprentice bombing hard, does this mean Jerry Bruckheimer's clout is going down?

Maybe he should stick to adult action movies instead of trying to bridge gaps to the family market?

My best guess is that this movie fell in the middle. With the lack of exotic locations and adventure that was missing from the trailer (just some jokes and cool effects), the audience really didn't get any sense of story or fun from the trailers, which means it didn't appeal to women and families: the action and dragons were aimed more at an adult male audience. However, the adult male audience looked at the humor and Disney branding and wasn't interested.

The result is that the film got lost in the middle, between the two audiences.

Anyway, that's my best guess why this movie didn't do well, because a lot of people were pleasantly surprised by it when they saw it (which is another hint that the trailer wasn't doing it justice).


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