Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Movie Review - Cars 2

By Alex Popp

In "Cars 2", Lightning McQueen gets invited to compete in the first annual World Grand Prix, and brings Mater along.  Racing against the world's fastest cars, McQueen has potential to win the three-routed competition.  But during the trip, two secret agents mistake Mater for another spy.  Together, the three of them travel the world to find the secret behind Allinol, the required fuel for the World Grand Prix.

Marking Pixar's 12th film, "Cars 2" wasn't made because of how well the first one did in the theaters; it was because of all the merchandise.  But even so, the movie is quite a fun thrill ride.  Although they could have added more with the racing scenes, the spy action zips along, and the writers clearly payed attention to a lot of detail.  Like most Pixar movies, it also has its funny and profound elements.  Yes, it has less of an emotional pull than the more fresh and sincere original "Cars," and therefore is not as good.  But it will still give you your money's worth with its rush of excitement and is a great choice to view in 3-D.

It's rated G, but gets far too intense for very young movie-goers.

Three stars (out of four) for the pared but unique "Cars 2."

Written by Alex Popp for the Animation Empire blog.

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