Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Disney's Bolt - Our Thoughts

The trailer for Bolt looked awesome to me for the first few seconds until they revealed he was just an actor dog.

I would have preferred a superhero cyborg dog story that was a bit more like The Incredibles. It’s one of those things where they show a movie in the trailer and everybody is happy. The movie looks great!

Then the announcer says, “until…” and then they show that it’s just an actor or they got arrested on an overseas trip or something stupid. The whole movie dies right there. =^)

Essentially, this is a a remake of Homeward Bound (1993):

Which is itself a remake of The Incredible Journey (1963):

At least all three are Disney movies.

Maybe if you remake a movie every 15-30 years than all the kids will forget that you already made that movie. =^)

They later got lost in San Francisco in Homeward Bound 2 (1996):

The difference is that Bolt is in 3D, has a Hollywood subplot, and they replaced the older dog with an annoying hamster (but there’s still a cat and a na├»ve dog). And they replaced Michael J Fox’s voice with John Travolta.

This is why the movie died for me after 35 seconds of the trailer, when they revealed that Bolt was an actor. I really wanted “The Incredibles, but with a cyborg dog” rather than “Homeward Bound: Movie Star Edition.” Come on Disney!

The good news is that this is the last of the Disney animated films started before Lasseter took over (although he remixed Robinsons and Bolt). So the question is how the movies are that he has put together from scratch. So far, so good. He's returning to the Disney roots of fairy tales, with three in the pipeline (and one in the mixer at Pixar).

We don't need a 3D Oliver & Company!!!!


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