Monday, November 03, 2008

The story behind Disney's The Three Little Pigs (and sequels)

"You can't beat pigs with pigs” (Said after the success of the 3 little pigs when the public wanted more.) - Walt Disney

Ah, yes, Walt said that you can't beat a pig with a pig, but...

Even Walt succumbed to the pressure of merchandising, business, and success. He didn't intend to turn the Three Little Pigs into regular characters like Mickey Mouse, but he did anyway.

Walt and friends re-created their discussions about the Three Little Pigs song (they shortened weeks into minutes; this also shows that they started with the music before they paid attention to the story):

Disney's intro (he also explains the sequels):

The first short was Three Little Pigs, released as a Silly Sympony in 1933:

The Big Bad Wolf was the first sequel, released as a Silly Symphony in 1934 (it added Little Red Riding Hood to the mix):

The Three Little Wolves was released as a Silly Symphony in 1936:

Practical Pig was released under the Three Little Pigs brand in 1939:

The Thrifty Pig in 1941 (the Nazi version of the original; made for Canada):

So there have actually been 5 Three Little Pigs shorts, but Disney doesn't count The Big Bad Wolf as part of the pigs trilogy, and it doesn't list Thrifty Pig as a Disney short.

And yes, the intro song is Zelda's theme song. I wonder if the Zelda composer was a fan. =^)

They even made a semi-sequel to Who Killed Cock Robin (Cock O the Walk):

And they also made a sequel to The Tortoise and the Hare.



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