Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The female chipmunk from Chip N Dale

So I was at Disneyland last week and saw their Celebration parade/show, and there was a female chipmunk! I figured they might feature her because the female chipmunks in the second Alvin movie are popular right now. So my wife did some research...

From Wikipedia:
Two Chips and a Miss
Although Chip 'n Dale are almost always united in a common goal, this was one of their only shorts to see them working against each other, for the affections of Clarice, a performer at the Acorn Club. After much battling between the two, she chooses neither one.

Here is Two Chips and a Miss:

Here is Clarice at a Disney park, spotted on Easter last year:

About the video above:
Two rare Walt Disney World character sightings in one spot - Both Easter Bunny and Clarice (good friend to Chip and Dale) greeting guests at Disney's Polynesian Resort on Easter Sunday morning 2009. Music is Bach Minuet in G, bonus cut on Willie Nelson's Red Headed Stranger.

Here's a Disney Easter Bunny cartoon from 1934:



  1. Chip 'n Dale was one of my favorite cartoons when I was a child, I loved watching it every day. I also watched Alvin and the squirrels but I didn't like it so much, nice post!

  2. "After much battling between the two, she chooses neither one."

    Huh. That was never how I interpreted the end of that cartoon. Even as a kid, It always seemed to me that she chose them both! That probably says more about me than I'd care to admit.


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