Sunday, February 28, 2010

The funniest phone number ever

Call the Nestle Crunch Hotline at 1-800-295-0051... when you are asked if you want to continue in English or Spanish, just wait quietly (use the mute button so it doesn't pickup sound) for about 10 seconds and you will smile. PROMISE! Keep going and press 4. Listen to the options...then press 7.


I was dying laughing! I think the cootie explanation went on a little too long, but they had me in stitches for awhile, especially listening to the funner options before that.

I also tried the Pig Latin, Knock knock, and Backyard Catch options... not as funny.

Bubble wrap (3), Noogie (5), and Boy Expressing Affection (6) are also worth listening to. But first place goes to Cooties and second place goes to the Noogie. =^)


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