Saturday, April 17, 2010

Emperor's YouTube Tips to Jacksun3

This is Jacksun3:

Apparently swapping out the icon on a video is a partner feature. Lame. Well, I guess that's okay seeing how the best two partner features are shared out now (autoplay and the channels box). I just realized that some of these YT artists can justify making amazing vids cuz they make enough money in ads. Hmm. That might be a worthy challenge.

Jacksun's Tiger Woods commercial parody:

So I think Jacksun's Bloopers of Therapy Session got so many views because the icon is of him shirtless (if that was cleavage instead then boom baby). (Also that Jacksun had it autoplay during lots of visits helps too.) And I think The Gift lucked out and hit a small viral pocket (sort of random how that works, unfortunately). It helped that the icon looks a little more interesting than Therapy Session.

Since Jacksun asked me... here's my advice (take it or take it or leave it or take it; note that I don't give advice like this unless I'm asked):

(1) Change the titles to "Orgasm Man - Bloopers" "Orgasm Man 2 - Theraply Session" and "Orgasm Man 1 - The Gift" - This might eventually lead to a better viral slide. I used a similar method to get my "Godfather" vid to 10K and "Bucket Full of Cheese" to 40K (and others). Jacksun has a perfect character and name; he just needs to brand it.

(2) Go sign up on the Partners Channel! He's more than ready! The only requirements are a couple hundred subbers and that your vids get at least 1K views each. He's way beyond that! Turn some of these videos into $20 bills. Hahahahaha. It's kind of a lame rate of making money (unless you're getting millions of views in your vids), but it's still worth it to make that money if you're making videos anyway. Once you're a partner, you can swap out the icons and do a better job promoting your vids.

Hope this helps!


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