Thursday, April 29, 2010

Please go vote for our 5 new animations!

Please go vote for our new cartoons! Just rate them 5 stars and leave a nice comment to vote for them!

(1) Do Not Steal:

Agent Pineapple and Agent Coconut teach you not to steal. 3D Animation with talking fruits, set in the world of Fruits VS Bugs.

(2) Letters Are Better:

Alphabet Bear teaches you that letters are better when they work together. A catchy folk song featuring a guitar-playing bears and an alphabet full of dancing letters.

(3) Even and Odd:

Two monsters use this song to teach you about even letters and odd letters with the help of talking doors, a plate who likes broccoli, a vine who's sad, seven Kevins, hiding fleas, and two peas in a pod. Done in a Looney Tunes style and set to a fun rock song.

(4) Learn Your ABCs:

The monster Zeke sings this fun and high-quality rap song about ABCs. Plus the background animation is so colorful and cool.

(5) We Share:  

In this folk song, the Share-If and Share Kong sing to a group of kids about the importance of sharing. Includes a robot toy, plush deer, a princess doll, and more.


So that's it! Please check out our animations in the Sesame Street competition and go vote for them (5 stars and a nice comment)! We appreciate it, and if we can repay the favor, please reply to this and let us know what you want us to watch, rate, comment, and subscribe!



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