Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Even and Odd - Preschooler Animation/Music Video

We're making animations to pitch, and we wanted to do some in the preschool/education genre. So we're pitching them to Sesame Street. It's hard to come up with compelling educational animation that's only a minute or two long, but we'll try a few things.

First up is Even and Odd, where two monsters teach you about even and odd numbers. If you've got a minute, could you go to the video's Web page and give it a higher rating? There are too many competitors out there running around rating everything low.

Oh, and please let me know what your kids think as we experiment and see what kids like (if you have any little ones at home).

  • Written, Produced, and 4 Voices by Ed 'word' Price
  • Animated and Designs by Patrick Jenkins
  • Guitar and 2 Voices by Tyler B
  • Keyboard and Music Composition by Jeffrey B

Go here to check out Patrick's other animations:


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