Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Gurkel's Revenge (Thanksgiving Cartoon)

Hello! This is the longer version with two extra scenes that we had planned for awhile. After Gurkel and Lucy leave Bobby's house, there's a new scene with them in the car leading up to a long new scene, which is the main battle sequence.

So with the battle sequence I think this is far more enjoyable and complete. What do you think? Here is the shorter version that we did earlier:

Animation is by Patrick from:

Music is used by permission and composed by Kevin Macleod from:


Animation by Patrick Jenkins (CartoonKing3)
Written & Directed by Ed 'word' Price
Animation Supervision by Willem Serne
Music by Kevin Macleod


John Kubin - Gurkel, Bobby (murderer 1), Jeff (murderer 2)
Diedre - Globble (turkey boy), Lucy (love interest), Officer
Ty Miller - Turkel (turkey dad), Bartender
Amber Conner - Cindy (Bobby's wife)

Thanks for watching! Enjoy!


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