Sunday, July 10, 2011

Zelda Parody 2 - Save the Princess (animation)

Here is the Trailer:

The Legend continues! Join our favorite moron, Link, as he sets out on a quest to cut grass and kill every creature he can find for item-collection purposes. Oh, and he's also going to...


Zelda Parody 2 will feature VenetianPrincess as the voice of Princess Zelda. You can expect to see Zelda Parody 2 approximately in "When we're done," 2011.

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Robbie Daymond - Link
Mike Elmore - Narrator & Goron 1
Robert Holmes - Goron 2
Dave Stuchkus - Gohma
Jesse Springer - Ganon
Venetian Princess (Jodie Rivera) - Princess Zelda

Here is Venetian Princess' popular channel:

This video you're watching is the sequel of our first Legend of Zelda parody:

ZELDA PARODY 1: Link's a Moron

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