Friday, February 08, 2008

Question: What software do you use to edit and work in?

Question for the Emperor: What software do you use to edit and work in?


We usually go a little big on the resolution... 640 x 480. We use Premiere and sometimes Final Cut (depends on who is doing the editing).

We then run it through Windows Movie Maker on the PC to get the file size down. That's the secret. You can get a 120 meg file down to 35 megs or so using WMM. If you've got a Mac, iMovie works, but the results aren't quite as amazing.

Who Would Win 7; edited in Final Cut:

Also, I'd say use a good cam, but if you're mostly editing, not shooting, then that doesn't matter. We use Premiere (PC) and Final Cut (Mac). After Effects has better tools than Premiere, but it takes longer to learn, and you can do all the same stuff with Premiere (just usually not as quickly and easily).

Hope this helps. If not, ask more questions! =^)

Email Commercial; edited in Movie Maker:

We do use Photoshop and Premiere together... depends on what you're doing. No need to use Photoshop if you aren't animating or doing still images.

We export from the editing software at 640x480 and use a Microsoft compressor (out of Premiere).

Then into WMM. We "Save to the computer" and do just use the "highest quality" first option. We only lower the quality for videos we attach in emails. We haven't tried NTSC, because we don't think it will make the quality better.

Making of the MGM Logo; made with Anim8or and edited in Movie Maker:

Anim8or is good for easy to use 3D software. You should only use if if you want to create a basic 3D model or animation. It can't do the really cool stuff, but it's free and easy to use. For the cool stuff, you'll want to learn Blender, which is free and hard to learn, but it can do anything. Go to for that.

- The Emperor

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