Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Superbowl XLII " Wall E " Commercial!

"I heard he goes to infiniti, but not beyond"

From the comments:

"This will be once again a great movie from Pixar... even better than Ratatouile!!"

"Can't believe they had the robot give himself "pleasure" with a vacuum cleaner and some parents group didn't go ballistic."

"Is it me or does Wall E look like Number 5 from the film "Short Circuit?""

"Its R.O.B. from super smash bros brawl! he has his own movie!!!"
(Note: ROB was an NES controller first (and then in Star Fox 64).)

"I love Buzz's facial expressions when he says "Wall-E. ... Nope, never heard of him!""


This is just Pixar reminding us who they are, and that's why you should see the movie. It's a good trick, and I'm sure the movie will be amazing. But it's a cheap shot. =^)


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