Monday, February 04, 2008

Question: Why the name Fruits VS Bugs?

Question for the Emperor: Fruits vs Bugs is a great name, but what about a name like "B.U.G.S" (You know, like S.W.A.T)? Also, are any more of them coming soon?


Fruits VS Bugs Part 1:

Interesting thought. B.U.G.S. takes itself a little more seriously. The original title was Agents of the Spirit, but after we got ownership, I made the title more straightforward and silly. It has a "Snakes on a Plane" kind of feel (which is both good and bad). =^)

Fruits VS Bugs Part 2:

Honestly, we're currently concentrating on getting Fruits VS Bugs distributed on cell phones. The next step is trying to get it distributed on video. So we probably won't for awhile just due to a business decision. However, we're still moving forward on other animations.


- The Emperor

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