Friday, November 09, 2007

Bee Movie

I went and saw Bee Movie last week.

It’s not going to do nearly as well as I expected. It’s well made, and it’s very funny, but it’s missing an emotional connection, and the story is a little lame. The movie quickly becomes man VS nature, similar to Happy Feet. I think this is less over the top than Happy Feet, because the bees actually learn in the process, as well as the humans. However, Happy Feet sold the story on an emotional level with lots of action and adventure. This movie finds its adventure in a courtroom and its emotion in a lame tragic romance between a bee and a human (tragic because they are devoted to each other, but it will never work out).

So, good potential with the DreamWorks animators and Seinfeld writing, but they just head off in this lame direction. It’s cute, it’s funny, and it’s worth watching. But Seinfeld needs to go watch some Shrek and Pixar movies to figure out what sells (or at least an Ice Age or Madagascar movie).

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