Saturday, November 24, 2007

YouTube Marketing Tips Part 1

There are a lot of YouTube marketing tips. Not everybody can learn marketing.

Great videos are painful to make (and their greatness is highly debatable).

I'm going to list out a lot of things here without giving details. You're going to roll your eyes as you read these, because they seem obvious (they are obvious). However, most people don't understand what you can accomplish with these tools. Compare how you use these tools to how we use these tools. Go to

You may see a huge difference. If you have any questions, leave a comment on this blog or our channel. I'll lead you through those hoops, but I'm not going to do the discovery work for you.

Here are the marketing tools at your disposal:

- Video Annotations

- Video Comments (your videos)

- Video Comments (other videos)

- Video Responses

- Sharing Videos

- Channel Comments (other channels)

- Your Channel Description (keywords, personal, and synergy)

- Messages

- Friend Requests

- Subscribing Others

- Your Video Descriptions

- Your Video Title

- Your Video Image

- How many similar videos you post (including videos that are almost the same)

- Your Channel Background (we don't use this well)

- Videos (be more personal and/or go bigger)

- Relationships with YouTube stars (We're not stars, but this blog you're reading could be an example of this value)

- Synergy with your other websites and blogs

All these things lead to getting YouTube stars to subscribe to you, to get your stuff featured (we've had a video featured and our channel featured), and to slowly accumulate more views (it becomes a snowball effect).

So, if you don't understand any of this, then leave a comment. I can give you some specific examples to study.

As I get questions, I'll post more tips.


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