Monday, November 26, 2007

YouTube Marketing Tips 3: Boring Videos don't do well

You may have a video that is very well done with a lot of great effects. It might have a wonderful story. But, guess what. If it's boring, nobody will watch it.

Do you have a walking scene? Does your character walk along a street? Yeah, that's boring. Take that out. Is there a lot of dialogue that doesn't involve jokes or shouting. Yeah, that's boring.

Cabbageman614 just posted a video of him and his friends hitting each other with sticks, and it did better than many of his other videos with better stories and effects. Why? Because it was slightly amusing. Stuff was happening, and fun music was used. You're probably going to keep watching it, and you'll probably smile. And, guess what? Very little effort went into the video.

We'll be the first to admit that we've filmed our fair share of boring videos. =^)

A good way to think about it is to see if you can keep someone's attention for every two-second section of your video. This isn't a movie. Your audience isn't captive. You've got to keep reminding them to keep watching every two seconds or so.


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