Thursday, November 29, 2007

YouTube Marketing Tips 5: Two is Better Than One

There is a video called "Rainbow" that has over 320,000 views:

Do you know why? Does it seem like it doesn't make sense why this video has 300,000 views?

Here's my thought:

I think it makes sense. Go to his channel ( and you see that people have been upset by his icon. He posted three of the rainbow videos, so that they all show each other more (they all show up when you watch one or when you watch a similar video).

So if you watch any related video, you see three videos of the rainbow. This makes people curious, so they watch the one with the most views.

Other people caught on, and one video parodied this to the tune of 36,000 views:

We achieved a similar effect on Extra Fruity, where we have two of the exact same video; one has 110K views, and one has 50K views.

Extra Fruity (original with 50K views):

Extra Fruity Improved (newer version with 110K views):

We didn't intentionally post more than one version of a video. However, we benefited from it, just like ScareyKatt did. We realized our first post was too low quality, but it already had 3K views, so we left it up. Likewise, don't be afraid to post multiple versions that are slightly different in case you have a different ending you want to try out or something else. Let your videos compete against each other, and see what happens.

However, we don't recommend posting five versions of the exact same video. At least, don't do it more than once. It could get annoying very fast and alienate your viewers if you go nuts with it.


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