Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Disneyland Story

I’ve got some good stories after working at Disneyland for three years. Employees can get their friends and family in (there’s a limit, but most employees don’t use them all). One of my favorites is how my friends and I decided to try to iron stomach Tea Cups. So we went to Toon Town and filled up on hotdogs (cheapest food in D Land) and other food. Then we went to Tea Cups on full stomachs. We immediately ripped into it, with three men. We were going pretty fast. People were pointing.

Well, we noticed that one of us was looking a little sick. We told him to stop looking at the blur and to concentrate on the circle in the middle (it stays constant). So he did, but as soon as we were done we all stumble out, and he runs over to the planter on the side. He heaves into it, as a mom and child and a few Asian tourists are watching only a couple feet away. Of course, they turn interesting colors and leave.

The best part of this story is when my friend turns to me and says, “Ed, do you have a towel or something that I can use to wipe my mouth?” I got nothing. I look at my shirt. Definitely not. So I reach out and rip a huge leaf off a nearby bush. He wipes his mouth off and tosses the leaf into the planter.

The end. =^)

- The Emperor

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