Sunday, January 20, 2008

Academy Award Nominations for Best Animated Short in 2006

Here are the 2006 Academy Award Nominations for Best Short. I'm posting this in anticipation of the nominations for 2007. I put these animations in order of least suckiness. Enjoy.


- From Pixar

- Released with Ratatouille, 1st at the Chicago International Film Festival

- Used to test a new jiggle system of animation

- The guy is Linguini, the main human from Ratatouille

- Good ending

- Wrong music/sound

The Little Matchgirl:

- From Disney

- Originally intended to be part of Fantasia 2006

- This is 3D animation that looks like it is 2D. The effect is amazing.

- Released on the 2006 Platinum DVD of The Little Mermaid

- Directed by Robert Allers, who directed The Lion King

- Just part of it

- No sound

- I'm surprised they didn't win the award with this one.


- Good ending

No Time for Nuts:

- Done by Fox's Blue Sky

- Released on DVD with Ice Age 2

- Stars the sabre-toothed squirrel, Scrat

The Danish Poet:

- This should be on Reading Rainbow

- From the National Film Board of Canada

- This won the Academy Award. They must get extra points for having the least ability to animate.

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