Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Question: What does SW mean?

Question for the Emperor: What does SW mean in the description of Fruits VS Bugs: Episode 1?

Star Wars. I had too many references in the description. LOL

This is regarding this notice we put in the description of Fruits VS Bugs 1:

"This video was removed briefly due to a legal dispute with 20th Fox Films. So we're removing any SW references in the description."

Fox picked it up automatically as a copyright infringement, so YouTube took it down temporarily. They take things down without humans double-checking! Grrr. =^)

The reason why references were in the description was because references were in the video. But I double-checked to make sure they thought it was a copyright issue or a trademark issue.

I went directly to Fox, YouTube, and Fox's media law agency they hired to go get all their copyrights taken off the Internet. Apparently that company is using software provided by YouTube to search for keywords and automatically pull down infringements. It doesn't work very well, because I can easily search and find Star Wars content that's been on YouTube for over a year, yet they take mine down without double-checking. What the heck!!!

Use humans!

Fox never got back to me, but I think all my emails and phone calls sent them to put pressure on their agency to respond. YouTube helped guide me to the agency (so thanks to them). Eventually I got into email and phone conversations with the agency, and they got my video back up.

When it got back up, all the video responses were wiped out. All the times it was favorited were wiped out. And my comment responses were jumbled and pulled out of the threads in the comments where they originally were (so I have deleted some of those since they are no longer in threads).

However, it still had all its views, comments, the description, ratings, etc.

Here's the video:

Here are the references in the description we had to Star Wars, which we replaced with "SW" after this fiasco:

"Of course, this wouldn't be a TheAnimationEmpire video without nonsense and nostalgia. Look for references to Loony Tunes, Indiana Jones, Charlie's Angels, Spiderman, SW Ep. 2, Mortal Kombat, Super Mario Kart, The Simpsons, Yoshi, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jurassic Park, Kung Pow, The Matrix, Super Mario Brothers (Bros.) and, of course, a lot of secret agent themes. Our preview for Episode 2 even references Batman, Toy Story, and several more SW themes."

Beware of Fox! Their agency is copyright trigger happy! =^)

- The Emperor

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