Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Question: Why does Extra Fruity have such bad voice acting?

Question for the Emperor: Why does Extra Fruity have such bad voice acting?

Extra Fruity was actually made for a youth group with the voices of the group itself. It was actually taking some of our other animations and just talking over it, not really syncing up the voices (which was kind of funnier to us if it didn't match).

Extra Fruity:

So it was meant to not have great voice acting, and it was intended for 200 kids (not the 170,000 or so people who've seen it). That said, we're not complaining, because we marketed it to get it a lot of views.

Please check out our sequel to the featured video (with 940,000 views), Fruits VS Bugs Episode 1. The sequel is called Episode 2 (original, I know). That's actually the kind of voice acting that we are going for nowadays.

Fruits VS Bugs Episode 2:

So, we're working on shipping another original animation for YouTube, and we're also working on a bunch of other projects as well. We could always use a good voice actor for future unpaid projects (we don't get paid for these, so you wouldn't either)./ If you're interested, email the Emperor: Emperor@TheAnimationEmpire.com. Thanks!

- The Emperor

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